Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dead deer and beautiful days

Today I ran around town doing my errands, getting some groceries, etc. I pulled into the parking lot at Shopko to pick up a few things and noticed there was an old beater car parked the next lane over.  The thing that made me notice it was the fact that there was a dead deer sticking out of the trunk.  Now, deer hunting ended on Sunday, which brings up the question - have they been driving around with a dead deer in their trunk for the last four days? If so, why - and why did they think the deer needed to go to Shopko with them?  Was it a stow away who was just hitching a ride, was overcome with carbon monoxide fumes, died and no one noticed?  I just don't know.

I also noticed that we've now shifted into winter mode around here.  I stopped by Kwik Trip to get some milk (and nobly passed by the deep fried cheese curds) and as I was leaving, the woman behind the counter told me to enjoy the beautiful day.  It was 33 degrees out...BUT, the sun was shining.  Once it gets to this time of year, our expectations have lowered to the point that all we need to constitute a beautiful day is the sun shining, temperature is no longer a factor and won't be until April...unless, of course, we have some unseasonably warm weather, then it'll be a beautiful day whether the sun is shining or not.  Heck, was it only a few years ago we were living in Hawaii and would whine if the temps dropped below 70?  Oh, how the mighty have fallen - or frozen, whatever.

Some friends stopped by for supper tonight, it was nice to see them and gab a bit. Jim is the guy we butchered chickens with, so we'd been with him not too long ago, but this is the first time Beth, his wife, had been to our house.  I just so happened to be trying out a new recipe for beef roast, so they got to be my guinea pigs.  The recipe called for 2 TBLS fancy molasses.  Well, I don't know the difference between fancy molasses and regular molasses, so I just stuck my pinkie finger out when I poured it into the pan and hoped that would do the trick.  It must have because it turned out pretty tasty.

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