Saturday, November 3, 2012

I SO should get mother of the year award

I took Angel #4 to the mall today.  Yes, I went to the mall, that place of all evilness.  I really really hate that place.  I was already cranky driving through the parking lot, which was ridiculously full considering that it's barely November and Christmas shopping logically shouldn't be happening yet.  I got stuck behind one of those nimrods who see someone putting bags in their trunk, so they stop in the middle of the lane so they can get their parking space if/when the other person leaves.  I couldn't get around her and so was stuck watching strangers put their bags in the trunk, kids in the car seats, etc all the while ranting about the mall and how it was full of idiots like the lazy woman in front of me who wouldn't walk a few extra yards through the parking lot.  Then, after I finally got through, I turned the corner and got a space only 4 spaces from the door, MUCH closer than that other idiot.  I hollered out my battle cry, which sounded suspiciously like BOOYAH BEOTCH!  and went into the mall to further my agony.  And, to add to my wonderful motherliness, I even bought $10 worth of Godiva chocolate, just so #4 could go up to the counter and talk to the cute guy who works there - I don't even particularly like Godiva chocolate.  I am SO getting a rocking Mother's Day present this year from that kid or it's going to hit the fan.

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