Sunday, October 7, 2012

The party's over

It got cold all of a sudden.  Thursday, I was outside, enjoying the weather, Friday, we were bundled  up in winter coats.  Friday evening, hubs and I drove up about 40 miles to a town where WE was having a cross country meet.  We were prepared with winter coats, long underwear, hats, gloves and scarves.  We got out of the van and were surprised to see how many people were there to cheer on their kids, there were about 18 different schools participating, so there were a lot of kids there.  Well, we're huddled up in our coats, trying to stay warm and hubs asked my why I wanted to go there so bad.  I said: ME???  I thought you were the one who wanted to come here.  So, turns out, neither of us really wanted to be there, but there we were anyway.  It's not that we're not supportive parents or anything, but have you ever been to a cross country meet?  IF you're lucky, you'll see the kids running for a grand total of 15-20 seconds, the rest of the time they're running through paths in the woods or across a golf course.  At this race, we got to see the kids start, they made a loop through the golf course and passed by near the finish line about halfway through the race, then ran the loop again and went for the finish.  We were feeling sorry for the kids at the start, we were all wrapped up in blankets, etc, while watching them strip off their sweats to a pair of shorty shorts and tank tops.  BRRR!  WE said he didn't warm up the entire race and his fingers were numb by the finish, he couldn't even get his legs moving decently and didn't run a good race at all.  He even crashed into a kid at the finish.  He said he tanked it last year when he ran that course as well.  Hubs and I were so cold that right after WE raced, we headed out, not bothering to stay to watch the girls.  We drove around a bit enjoying the fall color, then went out for fish.   To wrap up a cruddy race day, WE said the bus hit 2 deer on the way home, one limped off, the other one wasn't so lucky.  The coach had to get off the bus and finish it off.  Yeah, life in Wisconsin.

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