Friday, October 26, 2012

Doing the Capitol

Driving through the Shenandoah's was beautiful.  The trees were all at their peak and looking down from the scenic overlooks into the valley was a sight to behold.  A very pretty drive and a good time with friends.

Yesterday, I went into the city.  Carol, a friend of my friends, offered to take me around.  So, the two of us, along with her 1 year old took the metro into town and did the American History Museum at the Smithsonian.  It was awesome, I'm so into that kind of stuff and really enjoyed seeing stuff from history that I'd heard so much about but never thought I'd see.  I couldn't believe how big the original flag from the Star Spangled Banner is, I imagined something much smaller.  After the museum and a long lunch, we walked around the city.  I got to see the Washington Monument, White House, WWII Memorial and a bunch of other things.  Now that I know how the metro works, I may go back into town by myself before we leave.  I really liked just wandering around town looking at stuff.

I'm not sure what's on the agenda today.  So far we've just been hanging around the house, which isn't so bad after all the running around the last 3 days.

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