Sunday, October 28, 2012

So NOW do you understand why I don't like vacations???

Yep, here I am, relaxing during my vacation, if you call preparing for a HURRICANE relaxing.  It's all been a bit nerve wracking.  I'm not worried about the hurricane itself, I'm just concerned that it's going to interfere with my getting home on Tuesday.  I spent 2 hours on hold last night trying to get a hold of the airline to see if  we could get out early.  When someone finally answered, I was told they didn't have our reservation and I'd have to call a different airline.  THAT airline wasn't even taking calls, I simply got a message that all their agents were busy and to try another time and then it hung up.  Orbitz did the same thing.  Finally today, after an hour on hold at Orbitz, I got an agent who said we did in fact have tickets to get out of here on Tuesday, but there were no open flights to get out of here earlier.  So, we're going to ride out the storm and hope we'll get out of here when we're supposed to.  If we don't,  I guess we don't and we'll get out of here when we get out.

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