Wednesday, October 6, 2010

RIP Dorisis

I saw in the obituaries that Dorisis died. Waaaay back when I was really little, my family lived in an upstairs apartment. Downstairs lived an old couple, Papa and Elsie and next door was their daughter and her family, who I assumed owned the building we lived in. Their daughter's name was Doris, but when I was little, I always called her Dorisis and my mom could never figure out why until she started listening to herself talk to me. She'd say things like "stay out of Doris's garden" and "don't run through Doris's laundry so it was only logical that I figured our neighbor's name was Dorisis. Doris's youngest son, Bruce and another neighbor kid, made sure I made it to my first Halloween party when I was really little and I still have the pink bunny stuffed animal their family gave me on my first Christmas. It was kind of weird, when we moved to Hawaii, I got rid of almost everything. I'm not very sentimental, so it wasn't that big a deal. But, there were a few things I couldn't get rid of and when looking around I saw that a lot of the things I kept were things I'd gotten from that family a million years ago. Papa and Elsie have been gone for a long time, Doris's sister and husband have both died within the last couple years. It's kind of like a chapter in life ending, ya know?

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