Monday, October 4, 2010

and he's off!

I dropped off a very excited husband at the airport this afternoon. This flight to Wash DC is going to be his first as an official premium frequent flyer. He's racked up enough flying miles now that he gets preferred status on flights, things like extra leg room seats at no extra charge, he gets to board the plane first and he no longer has to pay to check in his luggage. Now he gets to BE somebody - that guy you hate because he gets to jump in the front of the ticket line and who gets to stick his carryons in the overhead bin first, without having to wrestle with someone else's junk. He also gets additional frequent flyer miles with every flight he takes. His next goal is executive premium, I'm not sure what happens then. Maybe he gets a personal flight attendant dressed like a harem girl or something.

Tanya, don't you wonder where the heck kids get all that money to blow on toilet paper? Heck, the one house across the road from the high school in Manawa had enough toilet paper in their yard to keep my family wiping for a year!

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