Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Patrick wasn't hungry

Angel #4 has a friend who has a snake named Patrick.  #4 and her friend headed to the pet store together to pick up some lunch for Patrick.  Lunch for Patrick = mice....live mice - Patrick apparently prefers fast food.  Well, Patrick wasn't hungry.  I guess this happens fairly regularly, Patrick is a picky eater.  Normally, in cases like this, Patrick's owner then kills the mice and dumps them.  She doesn't want to cage them for later in the event that Patrick gets the munchies because she doesn't want to get attached to the mice.  I can't imagine anyone getting attached to mice, but when you realize that this girl has a pet snake, getting attached to a rodent isn't out of the realm of possibility.  I guess it doesn't take that long for Angel #4's maternal instinct to kick in, because she decided that there was no reason for a couple of mice to lose their lives just because a snake didn't want to eat them, if that makes sense.  Hence, the 2 new members of our family menagerie, Buford & Henry, the mice, aka Patrick's former lunch.  I do not have a happy face over this, but on the plus side, the average mouse only lives about 1 - 1 1/2 years, so these things will be dead by the time she graduated from high school and I won't be stuck raising more animals that drive me nuts after my empty next kicks in.

Talk about stupid animals, Diesel, the doofus dog decided to run into a car and get his leg all messed up...$750 worth of stitches messed up.  His back leg has been in a splint for the last 2 weeks and he's scheduled to get the stitches out Thursday afternoon.  He looks ridiculous in his e-collar and we call him cone-head when he's wearing it.  He doesn't have it figured out yet and he keeps running into things when he's got it on.  When he climbs the steps, he manages to hit the cone on every step as he makes his way up.   Fortunately, he's been leaving his bandages alone now, so I quit putting the collar on him, which makes thing easier, though now we don't have quite as much to laugh at since he no longer is running into the door on a regular basis.

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