Thursday, July 16, 2015

RIP Splatty

I was looking for the dog the other day and glanced out the window, my heart skipped a beat.  There was a brown pile of dead something lying in the road in front  of the house.  I gasped and yelled the dog's name and Angel #4 came over to the window and simply stated "it's a goose".  She was right.  What I thought was doofus dog was, in fact, a Canadian Goose.  Who woulda thunk?  Who even hits a goose with their car anyway?  We posthumously  named it Splatty.

Splatty is now lied to rest somewhere out in the woods where hubs dumped her, soon to be joined by a dead chicken, as yet unnamed.  The chicken was looking a bit peaked last night, so I transferred her to the chicken hospital, aka, an empty pen so the other chickens would bug her, aka one of those filthy roosters wouldn't stop having sex with the poor girl.  This morning, she was dead.  I was so disgusted with the rooster's behavior, that as soon as hubs comes home in a couple weeks, we're going to increase our freezer food supply with 2 new roosters.  I really don't like those roosters.  Not only do they participate in sick chicken rape, but they also like to attack people who are innocently going into their pen to feed the ungrateful beasts.  So yeah, I pretty much hate them and look forward to eating them.

In other exciting, non-chicken raping news, we went to hubs 35th class reunion a couple weeks ago.  I know quite a few people from his class, so it was fun for both of us.  I was talking to one guy, then later I mentioned to hubs that I remembered going to his wedding back in 1988.  Hubs said, uh, I never went to his wedding.  Oops, turns out I went with a different date!  These things happen.

We also went to the rodeo this month, went to 2 neighborhood parties on neighborhood party night and today I ate the first fresh veggies out of my garden, broccoli and kohlrabe, yum yum.  Oh, in case you're wondering, neighborhood party night is a big deal around here.  One neighbor, who has more money than God, has a huge party at his place.  There were a couple hundred people. all the food & drinks you could want and a huge fireworks display.  I know last year's fireworks came to about $20,000 and I'm guessing this years cost about the same.  So it's a pretty big show.  But, since that neighbor doesn't actually live here, but about 25 miles away, he invites mostly people he knows from where he lives, not so much around here.  So, all the other people who live on our road also throw parties on the same night so their friends can enjoy the show as well.  People who don't have friends on our road but know about the yearly fireworks display also come by and park along the road and set up their own party at the old abandoned school house parking lot across the road from the actual party.  We went to the original party, but first off, we also went to another neighbors party who have a lot more people we know and we have in depth debates over who was the best Doctor in Dr. Who (#9, obviously) and who was that red headed woman in that John Wayne movie (Maureen O'Hara, not Maureen O'Sullivan, who was in the Tarzan movies).  We've got such cool neighbors.

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