Thursday, January 29, 2015

Go home Wise Men, you're drunk

It's the end of January, high time people took down their Christmas decorations.  But, then again, if they did that, I'd miss one of the highlights of my drive home from work every day.  One of the bars in town has one of those big nativity scenes in front of it, with the big, 4 foot tall plastic people that light up on the inside.  Nobody there has figured out the art of weighing the figures down though, and they frequently fall over.  The first time this happened, Mary was face down in the gravel while Joseph and the 3 wise men were all standing in a circle staring at her and appearing to be saying "go home, Mary, you're drunk".   Mary eventually was put upright again, but it seems like everyone is taking turns taking a digger.  Currently, Joseph and 2 of the wise men are flat on their faces while the third wise man is standing there holding his little treasure chest of frankincense and wondering the the rest of them are going to grow up and stop acting like frat boys.  Mary and baby Jesus appear to have flown the coop and are nowhere to be seen.  Maybe she decided that it simply wasn't the proper atmosphere to be raising a child in.

I'm reading a fascinating book written by a NYC medical examiner about forensic medicine and autopsies.  This morning while drinking my coffee and eating my bagel, I was reading a step-by-step on how to perform an autopsy on a drug overdose victim, including what order to take out the internal organs.  I had no problem eating while doing this, but a half hour later, I was gagging uncontrollably from brushing my teeth.  I suspect this isn't normal.

Tonight hubs and I went to watch the high school boys (and 1 girl) wrestle.  It was against our biggest wrestling rival.  We tend to come up on the short end of the stick with this rivalry because the other school is quite a bit bigger than we are, they're not only not in our conference, but they're a division 2 school while we're a division 3.  But, what makes this a particularly active rivalry is the coaches.  Two brothers coach our wrestlers, our rival school is coached by a 3rd brother and their father.  So it's kind of a family rivalry more than a school one.  Our boys fight hard for  our coaches honor, but we're pretty much out-gunned, though we only lost by 9 points, so it wasn't a complete massacre.  I enjoy watching wrestling and, according to hubs, I get a bit wiggly during the matches.  He's been calling me Mr. Lowney, after one of the wrestling fathers in hubs old hometown.  Mr. Lowney was a big man with a whole slew of wrestling sons.  He would get so worked up he's start leaning over in the bleachers and end up accidentally pushing people off the end.  I don't think I'm that bad, but I do know that my heart rate goes up a whole lot better watching wrestling than it does when I'm exercising so it's pretty obvious which activity I need to focus on for my health.

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