Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I opened a library book the other day and found someones grocery list.  I occasionally find interesting things in library books and this was no exception.  Therefore, I will share this list with the world:
X aluminum foil
50lb sugar
5 bag chicken
ribs, pig feet, neckbones

Kind of makes you wonder what they were having for supper that night, doesn't it?  The only thing that had an "X" in front of it was the aluminum foil, so I don't know if they abandoned their cooking plans in favor of reading a book or what.

Angel #4 is getting all excited about leaving tomorrow to fly down to Houston to hang with her big sister for awhile.  It sounds like her big sis is getting excited about it also.  #2 had a good time getting a big meal ready for her brother and his friends yesterday - she called it Project Feed The Marines.  The boys were on a tight schedule though and could only stay about a half hour or so, which was a little disappointing, but at least they got a chance to see each other.

WE finally got all his backlogged mail this week.  I'm glad he's finally getting his mail so he can get a little taste of home while he's out there working so hard.

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