Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's so quiet here

Angel #4 flew off to Texas yesterday and I dropped hubs off at the airport this morning.  I spent the day with a couple friends going through a HUGE antique store looking for something to fill a spot in a dining room (not my dining room, my dining room is still full of my living room.  Someday this remodel project will be done).  Once I got home though, the house was all mine...and the dogs and the cats.  It's pretty quiet in here right now.  I spent some time cleaning house, doing a few chores, then tonight, I watched How To Marry A Millionaire as a memorial to the late great Lauren Bacall, one of the most beautiful actresses Hollywood has ever encountered.  There isn't an actress out there today who can hold a candle to her.

I kind of took the day off today, I had one of those 'carried away' days yesterday and kind of needed a break.  I started weeding the garden and couldn't stop.  Four hours later, my garden looked awesome and my arms were ready to fall off.  Then last night, hubs and I butchered 6 more chickens.  The chickens we were raising this summer are Cornish-Cross, and they sometimes get so big so fast that either their hearts and lungs can't keep up or their legs can't support them.  Either way, they die from being big fat overeaters.  The trick is to butcher them up before they croak on you.  We wanted to get as many butchered up before hubs left for Hawaii, because I'm just not chopping heads off chickens, that's hub's job.  There are still 6 chickens left waiting for the chopping block, but hubs chose the smallest, active looking ones to wait on, we'll take care of them next month, then the great chicken massacre of 2014 will be over.  Which is a good thing, I'm totally running out of freezer space.

I got a call from Angel #1 telling me that they arrived safe and sound in Miami.  They made pretty good time with their trip, going across country in only 6 days.  He said he'll be glad to drop off the big moving truck tomorrow, he's a bit sick of driving it.  He did a good job though, they took two big moving trucks and each was towing a trailer with a car on it.  The other guys were having a bit of a struggle sometimes getting in and out of gas stations and such, but, as I told #1, the men in my family have truck driving in their blood - I think they're issued a CDL at the same time they get their birth certificates, so driving big vehicles is kind of in his DNA.  His next step is getting his college stuff squared away and finding a place to live.  Schools starts in 10 days, so he's got some busy days ahead of him.

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