Friday, October 25, 2013

starting my career as the town crazy lazy

We don't have trees in our yard, at least not big ones that leaves piles of leaves all over the place.  So, it's nice that we don't have to rake or anything, but, the best insulation for the floor of my chicken coop is dead leaves.  Last year I swiped some from the curb at some random person's house.  This year, I decided to go a little bit mainstream and not actually steal leaves from residential neighborhoods.  So, I went to the town compost pile and swiped my leaves from there.  I had concerns that someone was going to report that a crazy lady was taking leaves from the compost bin, so I called the town clerk lady to make sure that I wouldn't get arrested or something.  

Last night, Angel #4 had her belated birthday celebration. She's been wanting to have a sleepover and take her friends to one of the haunted houses, but with Friday nights being full of football and Saturday night sleepovers not done here, it was getting difficult to plan something.  Finally, we've had 2 days off of school, so they all came over Thursday afternoon, watched a scary movie to get them in the mood, then I took the girls to the haunted house.  Things got off a little rockily when she accidentally ordered the wrong scary movie.  She thought she was ordering the later version of My Bloody Valentine, but instead ended up with the original 1981 version.  Those movies may have been scary then, but 30+ years later, no one could get past the weird clothes and funny they added their own commentary, making it more of a comedy than a slasher flick.  Things got better once they got to Insanity, the name of the haunted house.  I waited for them in the car, since I wasn't real interested in doing the haunted house thing and didn't see the point in buying another $14 ticket if I didn't have to.  It sounded like they had a wonderfully scary time, but we needed to go out for ice cream afterwards to sooth their throats, which were raw from all the screaming they did.

Tonight is the first football playoff game.  It's over an hour away, so hubs and I are staying home where it's warm and let the kids go freeze their butts off instead.  I hope they do well, though Angel #4 is ready for the season to be over, it's getting colder and colder out and she's tired of freezing to death during practices.  Of course, she could dress warmer, but she's a teenager and it's better to look cool and freeze than to dress sensibly.  My theory is that eventually, around 20 years old, the stupid gets frozen out of them and they start dressing for the weather.

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