Saturday, October 19, 2013

a wet end to the regular season

Last night was cold, rainy and parent's night for the football team, so I couldn't get out of going  to the game.  And once I'm there, holding my team parent orange carnation, sitting all cold and wet in the stands, it doesn't pay to leave until the game is over.  Especially when out team dominated the game with a final score of 40-0.  Despite freezing in the bleachers, it's kind of fun watching wet sloppy games because stuff happens that isn't the norm, like the huge pile of guys on the 10 yard line, struggling for the ball, only to see the object of their attention pop up into the air right from the middle of the pile of boys (we recovered).  Along with it being parent's night, it's also a night for honoring the senior football players and managers.  As a special surprise, Sarah, the senior girl who's been managing the team since her freshman year, suited up for the 2nd half of the game.  Sarah's step-dad is one of the coaches and didn't know any of this was going to happen until she ran out on the field in uniform with the rest of the guys after the half.  She got to go out and make a field goal attempt, she didn't get it, but was thrilled to finally get the chance to be on the other side of the water bottles for a change.  Now Angel #4 can't wait for her senior year so she gets her chance out on the field.

WE ran his last cross-county race Thursday night at the conference meet.  He's not much of a distance runner, his gift is sprinting, so his xc times aren't that great. In fact, he didn't qualify to run varsity on Thursday, but one of the Freshman boys, who DID qualify, told the coach that he met all his goals for xc for the year and he wanted to give up his spot on the varsity team so WE could run, because it was only right that as a senior, he should run varsity at his last race.  Is that awesome or what?  The whole xc team is like that, a really close, good group of kids.  Their coach aka "Coach Dad" is an upright, Godly man who really loves the kids and the kids love him right back.  This is his second year coaching cross and he's doubled the number of kids in the program in that time and I can easily see it getting even bigger as the xc kids keep bragging up their coach and their sport to the other kids in school.  Even Angel #4 said she'd love to be on cross country, if only there wasn't so much running. :p  There's a lot of inner-sport friction on the girls volley ball team (that's why #4 didn't go out for vb this year in the first place) and I know there are some girls considering switching sports to get out of the middle of the drama.  Players may make the team, but I think it's the attitude of the coach that makes the players.

This afternoon we're planning on holding a chicken massacre.  I'm sure that's going to be a good time.  Ideally, I'd like to butcher up the whole flock of broilers, they're all ready for it (size wise - mentally, I think they'd prefer to stick around awhile), but we don't have an automatic chicken plucker this year like we did last, and I really don't think I'm up to manually pulling feathers on 24 chickens in one day.  It was exhausting enough doing 50 last year when we had a plucker doing the hard part for us.

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