Friday, July 26, 2013

jammed up

Wednesday, I picked a bunch of black raspberries at a friends house - she's been too overwhelmed with life to deal with the huge patch they have in their backyard.  Yesterday, I made 12 pints of jam out of them and I'm happy (and amazed) to say they all sealed.  I usually always have at least one clinker in the bunch after a day of canning.  Since I've already got 4 different jars of half-eaten jam in the refrigerator already, I'm glad I didn't have to add to the menagerie.  I hate having more than one jar of jam in the fridge, but during canning time, it happens, along with having various unsealed jars of green beans and tomatoes.  I'm a fridge minimalist, I freak out when I've got packed shelves in my refrigerator , which is what I've got now.  So I'm on a leftovers clear-out binge and I'm not cooking more food until the stuff in the fridge is gone.  And we're going to be eating lots of bread and jam to get those jars out of there as well.

Yesterday, WE got back from an overnight trip down to the military facility that does the intense physical to see if recruits are able to join up.  He passed with flying colors and is very relieved.  He was afraid they's find something we didn't know about and ruin his chances for the military.  Being in the Marines has been his after graduation plan for years and he would have had to rethink his whole future.  Anyway, he passed, so his plans are still intact unless he does something stupid and gets in trouble with the law, but his head is screwed on pretty tight, so I don't foresee any problems.

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Afton said...

Good job, WE! It's so strange - I read about your kids all the time and I'm still picturing children even though I know very well that they're all older. Good luck to WE - and you can pass on a huge thank you to him (and his brother) for their desire to serve.