Friday, October 7, 2011

we ran all the way over there for that?

Overheard in the library bathroom yesterday:
Mother: come on Ashley, hurry up and poop. I won't watch, just hurry
Ashley: I did. See my poopy
Mother: that's it? We came rushing in here for that little turd? You can do better than that.
Ashley: no, I'm done pooping now, lets go back to the park.
Me (in my mind): I'm SO glad my kids are grown up!

Yesterday I was driving along the country roads, the Eagles blasting on the radio, the van windows open, the smell of harvesting corn in the air and the beautiful colors of the fall leaves on that gorgeous Indian Summer afternoon and I felt sorry for anyone who didn't live in rural Wisconsin. Today was exactly the same and, according to the weather reports, we've got more of the same coming into the middle of next week. I planted a bunch of tulip and daffodil bulbs this afternoon which will be a welcome sight come spring. I also took advantage of the weather and got all the old dead weeds and plants cleared out of the garden, so that looks all pretty and ready for winter as well. Life is good.

Tonight, hubs and I are going to the high school football game. Angel #4 is playing the halftime show with the middle school band. Fortunately, since the weather is nice, we won't have to freeze our patooties off. WE had his last regular season cross country meet tonight, I haven't heard how he did yet. Next he's got conference and sectionals, then he should be done for the season since I don't foresee him going to state. It sounds like he's wanting to go out for wrestling this winter, which will be something new for us around here. Hubs and his dad were both pretty big into wrestling when they were in high school and college, we'll see if those skills were passed down to the next generation.

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