Wednesday, October 26, 2011

poster child

WE is in drivers ed. The problem with the class block system that our high school implements is that kids are required to spend an hour and a half each day for 9 weeks for each class, even when it's a class that doesn't really need that much class time. Because of this, the driver's ed teacher really scrapes for things to keep the kids occupied. The thing he chose to occupy them with this week is that they had to make traffic safety posters. WE wasn't real dedicated to the poster thing, he figured that if driver's ed's main requirement is good poster making skills, he probably doesn't want to be on the road anyway. So, last night (the poster was due today) he was asking the family for a good slogan for his poster. He went with the old Calvin and Hobbes standby: Be Careful or Be Roadkill, thankfully, sans Calvin's spaghetti sauce, he figured the pictures of car accidents would have as good an effect. He said his was one of the worst posters in class, but at least he got his point across.

Angel #2 and I were at a thrift store today and what do you think I found there? A Mouli! I still haven't found mine and I was seriously debating buying the one at the store, it had all the blades, was in mint condition and only $8. But, I decided that I would hold out and hope for my own Mouli to someday make a reappearance. Besides, I've got my nifty Salad Shooter now and I really love that little guy.

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