Thursday, September 29, 2011

I guess I've been busy

Once again, I've been a blog slacker. There's just so much going on around here that time's limited. We've got volley ball games, cross country meets, gardening, church convention and a minuscule Indian summer dealt with. It's our schools cross country invitational today, so we're going out to cheer WE on as he's running through the park. Each CC meet he's had he's beaten his previous time and he's hoping to get a consistent 7 minute mile in today's 5K, we'll see how he does. He's also got other things on his mind since it's also homecoming week and he managed to get himself a date to the dance on Saturday night. This will be his first boy/girl date and he's being very cool about it all. The girl's a junior, a year ahead of him, so he snagged an upperclassman with a drivers license, which will omit having to have us drive him over to pick up his date (good thinking on his behalf).

Angel #4 is still loving volleyball and is doing well. She's got 3 games left in the year, then I don't know what she's going to do all her excess energy. Probably drive me nuts.

Angel #2 dyed her hair turquoise the other day. The roots didn't take, so she's got about an inch or two of natural color roots before the turquoise begins. When I first saw it, she was just getting out of bed and she had massive bedhead and was looking very Medusaesque. She couldn't understand why I was laughing hysterically. Kids, what ya gonna do?

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