Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thanks all, for the congratulations on the new house and on #2's graduation. So many changes in such a short time. The story of my life. Hubs is on his way to pick up Angel #1 at the airport. He graduated from combat engineer school today. Angel #4 and WE had their last day of school today and are already to goof off their way through summer. They'll have a rude awakening when we put them to work at the new house. We've already got them hauling out remodel garbage and weeding the garden. Now that we'll have them available 24/7...bwa-ha-ha They'll be our SLAVES!!! We gave our 30-day notice for the house we're living in now, so we've got a deadline to get the place livable. It wouldn't be so bad if hubs hadn't gotten carried away knocking out walls. Though it was necessary for some of them to go if we wanted the bathroom in, it just seems like walls were disappearing on a regular basis. Today it was the original bathrooms ceiling that got knocked out. It had to go so we can extend the plumbing to the new upstairs bathroom. Oh, so much work, but it'll be worth it.

Since it's such an old, beat up house, I'm going to have fun and go a little wild with the paint. I've got a plan for the kitchen and have searched the internet in vain for a kitchen with the color scheme I'm envisioning. I think that either means I'm ahead of my time or a crackpot. But, people made fun of my kitchen ideas when we built our house awhile ago, but once they saw the finished project, I got tons of compliments. Hopefully the same will happen this time as well. My first paint job will be the floors though. All through the upstairs, the living room and laundry room are all hardwood floors that have over a 100 years worth of coats of paint on them. I'm planning on adding one more coat to the collection. I'm also going to see how many layers of wallpaper I can get off the kitchen. My record is 5, which I peeled off the kitchen wall of the very first dilapidated farmhouse hubs and I lived in when we first got married. Now, 20 years later, we've come a full circle and are once again going to live in a dilapidated farmhouse. I've got a soft spot in my house for dilapidated farm houses, apparently.

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