Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's April, fool

We're busy around here doing spring-y kind of stuff.  Last week Angel #4 and I went shopping and hit a prom dress bonanza.  I refuse to buy a new, off the rack dress for prom, they wear it one night then it lies around for the rest of our lives doing nothing.  So I hit all the neighborhood thrift stores, looking for a good buy, benefiting from others who don't have an aversion to spending full price for a useless dress.  The problem with all this is that Angel #4 is really hard to buy for.  She's got a really wide rib cage and once we get the zipper about 3 inches up, it's done.  The first store we went into we found a dress that fit her wonderfully and looked great on her, but she wasn't nuts about the color, gray being a bit too subdued for her butterfly tastes. But, since it was only $12, I decided to buy it anyway figuring that at least she'll have a dress if we can't find anything else that fit her and looked good. The 2nd store we went to we found the perfect dress, all blue and sparkly and looked incredible on her.  We also found a short formal dress that'll be perfect for the Homecoming dance next year, once again, a perfect fit and a perfect look on her.  I paid $25 for the blue dress and $12 for the short one.  So, I got 2 prom dresses & a homecoming dress for under $50, less than half the price that most people fork over for a single prom dress.  Things are looking up.

Today is April Fool's day.  I can't let an opportunity like that just go past, you know.  I took some brown paper and cut it into the shape of a letter "E".   I made about 6 of them and brought them to school.  My fellow lunch ladies loved my idea and we put them on a pan in the lunch line.  Our principal had a great time offering the kids brown-E's for dessert.  He said he'd never seen such a confused group of kids in his life.  Of course, when they were in line to go into the serving area, I made sure they all knew we had made them brown e's for a treat today.  They went inside all excited,then saw the principal offering them up.  Most got the joke, but a few accused me of lying, until I explained it to them.
It's days like this that make it great to be a lunch lady.

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