Friday, December 26, 2014

Silent night? Not around here

Both my little boys are home and boy, did the noise level ratchet up!  They started wrestling as soon as #1 walked in the door and, no lie, within a half an hour, WE was literally unconscious on the floor.  Fortunately he revived right away, but was disoriented for about 5 minutes.  Dumb boys.  Angel #4's boyfriend is getting the whole big brother treatment from the boys, poor kid.  I've had kids in and out of the house for the last week.  The other day, I had 2 of my kids, 3 random teenaged girls and the LP gas delivery guy all here at the same time....7:30 in the morning.  Things are a little nuts, but it's a good nuts.  I'm glad my kids are home, though since the other three are here, I'm really missing Angel #2.  Oh well, maybe this summer I'll have all my babies home again.

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