Sunday, September 2, 2012

I hope you're all enjoying your Labor Day weekend.  We're keeping it low-key here.  Hubs worked on Fri & Sat and I stayed home and cleaned my filthy kitchen.  All that tomato canning made it a real mess and it didn't pay to clean it up until I was done with the mason jar frenzy.   I've still got tomatoes to do, but not for a few days yet, so I can enjoy a clean floor for a bit before it all starts again.

Poor WE is a bit worked up.  The new foreign exchange student arrived on Saturday, WE's girlfriend's family is the host family.  WE is less than thrilled to have his girlfriend living with a French boy - especially after she texted him to tell him that when French people say hi, they kiss you on the cheek.  He keeps muttering about 'rotten Frenchies'.

Oh, btw, WE says that he doesn't want to be referred to as WE anymore since he stopped eating worms years ago.  But seriously, something as boring as Angel #3 just doesn't fit his personality as much as   WormEater does.  Remember on Wednesday when I said he got new contacts?  Well, Thursday morning he was at cross country practice and was running around the track that circles the football field.  He looked in the direction of the sprinklers at the exact wrong time and got blasted in the face so hard it knocked him back, gave him a swelled lip and knocked the contact right out of his eye.  This does NOT happen to normal kids.  Definitely NOT and Angel #3.

We had another chicken massacre last night.  I lost 3 of my new layer chicks.  There were feathers in the yard and a few even stuck on the windshield wiper of my mini-van, but no other sign of them.  What is really confusing is we don't know how whatever it is eating them is getting in.  The top of the coop is completely draped in anti-bird netting and the bottom of the fence is reinforced by another layer of finer meshed fencing. It's pretty darn frustrating.   We've been letting the little ones sleep outside at night, but obviously that's not going to cut the mustard anymore, so now we've got to start chasing them into the pen every night at dark.  In case you didn't know, chicken herding is not fun.

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