Tuesday, November 29, 2011


After some computer troubles that I thought were internet troubles which led to getting a different (much better) internet carrier then fixing the problem with my computer, I'm back on line, baby!

Saturday morning we dropped Angel #1 off at the airport. We won't seem him again until June, when he gets back from Afghanistan. I did real good and didn't cry until we were driving away from the airport. I'm going to miss my boy so much and will worry about him a lot, but I'm going to try not to think about it and tell myself he's just gone somewhere on an extended vacation or something.

After spending the last week or two avoiding it, I finally took WE out driving today. He did really well, but refused to drive on the highway. We stuck to back roads, which is really easy to do around here since 90% of the roads ARE back roads. He kept going to extremes though, either driving too slow or too fast, which is all part of the learning curve. Besides the time we took a corner on 2 wheels, my nerves were pretty steady. He kept up a constant monologue on potential hazards such as: oncoming car, make sure I'm on the far right side of the road and there goes a gas truck, potential explosion. Yeah, it was fun.

Diesel, the doofus dog, loves chasing a laser light. Angel #4 was having way too much fun today with his laser obsession. She tied a rope around his collar, sat in a rolling chair and would put the laser ahead of the dog so he ran and chased it, pulling her around the room in the chair. This made making supper a bit difficult since she insisted on lasering her way through the middle of the kitchen, but Diesel is a very tired dog tonight, I think he'll sleep well.

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Tanya T said...

I'm sorry Dulcie, i cannot even imagine how hard it is to see your "baby boy" going off to into an unstable situation! I will keep him in my prayers and all of the other soldiers for a safe return home. You did good mom, i wouldn't have been able to hold back tears myself.