Thursday, August 25, 2011

fairest of the fair

We went to the county fair today. I like going through the animal barns at the fair, they're all so clean and neat and the animals are scrubbed up and nice looking. It almost makes you forget what a pain in the butt they can be. I like the cow barns...and in Wisconsin, there are plenty of those. If, and that's a huge IF, we ever got a cow, it would have to be a Jersey, they're so soft eyed and pretty, plus, they've got some of the highest percentage of butterfat, which would be a priority to me since if we had our own milk, I'd want to make stuff like butter. Then we went to see the goats, which are really cute when they're not being mischievous. After the animal barns, we hit the midway and the food stands. I don't know if they're as important to your fair as they are to ours, but cream puffs are a Wisconsin fair tradition. So, I had the traditional fair cream puff then, I found Nirvana. Deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough, people. Oh, and topped with whipped cream. I was not leaving the fairgrounds without one of those little lovelies in my gullet. There were 3 of them, each a little bigger than the size of a golf ball. Hubs and I each ate one and split the third, which was waaaay more than I really needed. Not exactly an important part of the food pyramid, but hey, it's the fair, you've gotta splurge just a little. I should get some credit for passing on the deep fried blooming onions, deep fried twinkies and the elephant ears.


JeanieC said...

Hubs never passes on the elephant ears; they're his favorite. We don't have the other deep-fried goodies at our fair. Too small, I guess.

Tanya T said...

Did you mean a Guernsey cow? I've got a friend who raises them. They are beautiful animals. I think they get better milk prices too because of the butter fat.